Keepnet Advice

Removing fish from a keepnet

Swim the fish from the bottom of the keepnet to the top, ensuring that the top ring is out of the water! Gather up the rings from the bottom as the fish move up. Once the fish are between the 2nd or 3rd rings remove the keepnet from the water. Gently slide the fish into your weighing net, remove fish for photographing or return them to the water.

If the net has a large number of fish in it only slide sufficient fish into the weighing net for the first weigh. Whilst the weigh is taking place hold the remaining fish in the keepnet back in the water until required for weighing.

NEVER remove a keepnet from the water and tip the fish down from the bottom to the top!!

Always rinse your keepnet after a fishing session if it has been in the water, even if it has not contained any fish! Always make sure your keepnet is completely dry before use so as not so spread aquatic disease or parasites to new waters..


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